Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vancouver Nights

I've been here almost a year now. I left everyone I know. My family, friends. It hasn't been always easy, tough things needed to be done.

My Mother lived and died out here. My first feeling was a complete peace that washed over me. It stayed with me. I could feel my Mother here. I miss her greatly she died in 1990. She always loved it here, her family was here, not with us anymore, with my Mum in Heaven I believe.

I knew I was to be here. I love the ocean. It's hugeness puts everything into perspective. Certainly an artists dream. Beauty surrounds me everywhere I go. Doesn't seem to make a difference, how I feel when I leave home, if I'm unhappy all I need to do is look around. Mountains, the lushness of the trees the landscape, the ocean, it's beauty in motion. It's been a long journey. I found a home.

I met my all time favourite painter Robert Bateman, I read all there was to read about him, many years ago, I studied his work. I, ME, I got to tell one who has been my greatest inspiration, what he has meant to me. We had a wonderful conversation, I have his autograph to me wishing me all the best in my art. Hey! How cool is that!! I am inspired once again to move on, to delve once again in a passion that brings so much energy and love to me. I've hit another bump in the road. My dog Baby being put down last week. I'm grieving now, but not sorry I'm here.

I'll grieve and let life unfold as it's meant to.

I can jump on a bus, sea bus, skytrain anytime I want, letting them carry me away to more, There is never an end to the beauty that is called Vancouver. My daughters Godmother has been looking for me as I have looked for her. She moved out here a long time ago. She found us on facebook. We have reconnected a wonderful blessing in my life. It is so wonderful to talk of our early days together, young teens, so much we experienced together. She called my Dad 'Funnyface'. When I told my sister of Pat she said' she used to call Dad 'Funnyface'! Dad used to make a brand of koolaid called Funnyface, so there you go.

So far I've seen Robert Bateman, reconnected with a longtime friend, my family will be coming out, it just may open a door for them, just seeing other parts of the country. Maybe some of my friends from Toronto & other places will meet here in 2010, we're talking about it. I'm coming to see that nothing is impossible, just go for it. Won't mean it will always be easy, but you just may discover someone inside you didn't really know before. I'm still finding and looking forward to discovery. Making a change will always change a person for the better and if it doesn't fit, don't wear it. I'm going for a job dog grooming, may have to take a class or two. Told my sister she said and why not? Exactly why not? More to come....